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RFID Smart Cards

RFID Smart Cards

HF RFID Inlay is based on 13.56MHz communication technology. This RFID inlay features a small size that the diameter is only 15mm. With a wide selection choice of chips and antenna, you can customize it. Dia 15mm HF RFID Inlay, as a vital part of RFID tags, can be encapsulated into many kinds of RFID tags, such as NFC tag, RFID keyfob, etc. Xinyetong 13.56 MHz RFID inlay comes in a variety of sizes, chips, antennas that you can choose. Whatever you want, tell us. We are a professional and reliable partner in the RFID industry.
This UHF RFID Inlay is very small, and its diameter is only 12mm. With the Impinj M4 chip, it is very powerful. Impinj M4 inlay has higher read reliability, 66% higher than other chips. Also, it features high security, excellent RF performance, and good flexibility. Because it is small enough, Impinj M4 UHF RFID Small Inlay can be installed on small target objects. Because it is powerful, it is especially suitable for applications that are difficult to control tag positioning. For example, retail, baggage handling, asset tracking, etc.
There are many kinds of PPS Laundry Tags. They operate at different frequencies. They have different sizes and shapes. Now, the RFID laundry tag that we are going to introduce is an HF PPS Laundry tag with a small size. How small is it? This Mini PPS Laundry Tag is only dia 13mm. And there are two holes that make it convenient to sew on linen, not easy to fall off. Its RF performance is up to the RFID chip that it uses. And you can customize it depending on the function you want to achieve.
If you are looking for a small RFID tag that can work well on the metal surface, the Ceramic Small RFID Tag is a good choice. This Anti-metal RFID tag is made of ceramic material and usually works on 860~960MHz. It has a 3M adhesive layer that you can attach it to any object. This small RFID tag features high performance, fragile, and anti-transfer. Its size is as small as 13*13 mm. It can be used as a car windshield tag. Also, it fits for logistics management, metal asset management, medical equipment management, etc.
This RFID Disc Tag is very small, only 13 mm in diameter. It can be embedded in small objects such as RFID wristbands. It operates at 125 kHz frequency. And it always combines with the TK4100 chip, because this chip can be very small in size. If you are looking for a small tag that can be used in a small target object, you can take into account this Mini RFID Disc tag. Xinyetong RFID Disc Tags have high quality, good price, and delivery on time. Contact us now, and get the most favorable quotation.
13.56 MHz FPC RFID Tag is made of FPC material, soft and flexible. And it operates at 13.56 MHz frequency and features high temperature and pressure resistance. This RFID tag can be as small as 10mm in size. Mini FPC RFID tags can be integrated into injection molded parts to prevent RFID labels from being removed or counterfeited. So it is widely used in anti-counterfeiting traceability of articles. Xinyetong Mini FPC RFID tags vary in sizes, chips, shapes, etc. that you have many choices. Or you can contact us, and customize it.
125 kHz Small PVC Card is a kind of Non-standard card. Compared to standard cards (CR 80), its size is small and its shape is diverse. The Small PVC card is usually equipped with 125 kHz chips. And it is widely used for access control or membership management. Xinyetong Small PVC cards implement strict quality standards. And the price is good. Our cards come in various sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Also, we support for custom services. Contact us, and customize your small cards.
This NFC smart ring is made of eco-friendly silicone material, waterproof, and durable. Compared with Ceramic NFC rings, silicone NFC Smart Ring is much cheaper. And it is very suitable for access control management applications that required waterproof. For example, swimming pools, water parks, gyms, sports clubs, etc. The silicone NFC ring is easy to use. Wear it on your finger and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your access card. And it also can be used as a metro card, membership card, and so on.
NFC Smart Ring is a product that masterful blend of art and technology. It has a fashionable appearance and powerful functions. This NFC ring uses Zirconia ceramics that is often used to make jewelry, high-end & durable. Beneath its good look, there is an NFC chip that can connect with your smartphone. Through NFC technology, this smart ring can achieve data sharing and other functions. For example, it can fast open the APP on your phones. Besides, it can unlock your door or make a payment instead of your key and payment card.
Mini Ntag213 FPCB soft tag is a special tag, designed for special application with clear requirements on size, flexibleness, circuit stability, abrasion and corrosion resistance, etc Xinyetong is a professional RFID manufacturer which has more than 10 years of experience. Here, you can get better products at a low price. Our FPCB soft tags come in many sizes, chips, shapes, and we also provide customized services, you can find what you want.


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